Given the modern global system complexity level does not permit a ‘global CEO,’ this platform suggests vesting Authority and Power in local mayors and their administrations. Mayors need to be ‘pragmatic servants’ dealing with daily community issues and collaborate with their peers as their interests are aligned. Based on collective identity, both mayors and the people will feel a sense of obligation and appreciation for the norms tailored to their needs.


Given the current complexity level of the globe — as a system — does not permit the role of a ‘global CEO.’ Premised on the ‘FEMOCRATIA’ and ‘SEVEN BRANCH TREE’ doctrine, namely, to maximize the transfer of Authority and Power to the smaller structures, in Mayorchy system of government, a global entity receives a mandate, as defined in the ‘OUR TREETY’ platform, to maintain the ‘TRUNKUTILITY’ platform and to address global opportunities and challenges. (See ‘FINNOVATIONS’) At the same time, Authority and Power are vested in local mayors and their administrations.

Harmonious Self-Determination

As the goal is to ensure people’s rights to harmonious self-determination, it is more likely that the Mayors feel toward their people a sense of obligation based on shared heritage, which ensures mutual trust. At the same time, the appreciation and respect for their leaders, who are customarily positively perceived, will increase.

Law Enforcement Maintenance

People will more likely respect the norms tailored to their needs based on collective identity. This phenomenon will lead to the need for the laws to be maintained and less enforced.

Righteousness and Justice

In smaller environments, the individuals observe their deeds, as their social status is linked to their reputation, in a less corrupt way: People are less likely to get a second chance to make the first impression.

Pragmatic Servants

The proposed configuration causes a job description asking for ‘pragmatic servants’ dealing with daily issues of their community, and not necessarily for International Relations specialists. It becomes less likely that the politicians consider interfering in the affairs of other regions, for example, to manipulate others to administer their sewages based on conservative or liberal ideologies.

Mayors Collaboration - Civic Participation

Given the Mayor’s interests are aligned, they can and will thoroughly collaborate. As explained in the ‘TRUNKUTILITY,’ this platform will further strengthen the existing networking organizations of Mayors and empower civic participation through technology.

End of Interest Groups

By eliminating the national states and their giant national maladaptive structures, the benefit-cost ratio (BCR) — for autonomous and government-dependent projects — will be less likely to allow building or maintaining influential “interest groups” to lobby politicians. Therefore, it permits politicians to act exclusively in the interest of their ingroup.

End of National Rulings

Mayors no longer need to follow the national ruling, which doesn’t always match the values and needs of their residents.
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